So uh, You one day found a random thing, you touch it and uhh it turns into you

Move key + name Move DMG Cooldown
PAUNCH (LMB) Paunch, doing your account age (in days) The days of your acc 2 seconds
box throw (E) Get a box outta nowhere and throw it at the enemy Days of your acc x 2 5 seconds
Bombs? (R) Throw a bomb at the nearest enemy Pure 1000 20 seconds
BUMPER KARZ (F) Your whole team gets bumper kars and whenever you hit a enemy it plays BUMPA KARS
Bumpa kars
100 (per ram) 60 seconds
CUSTOM TAUNT! (T) enter a audio ID at the bottom right, that ID will be played 0 NONE


None. (decrease cooldowns)

You're. (decrease cooldowns)

Perfect. (decrease cooldowns)