Yoshee Kahgee is a upcoming made by Falltz, Based off the character Yoshikage Kira from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. He is currently being coded by Darkkyraki.

Yoshee is a official character now


Yoshee bares a similar appearance to Yoshikage Kira, but he has no hair, and a scar on his face. He also holds a cane. Though not shown in the portrait, he has a stand behind him which has pinkish colors, and cat ears.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Killer queen has already touched that doorknob Yoshee swings his cane releasing a projectile which explodes if it hits the boss/player. 50 2 seconds
E Stando Punch Yoshee sends out his stand to punch the player/boss infront of them. 75 3 seconds
R Sheer Heart Attack Yoshee sends out 5 small homing bombs that will explode on contact. 15 (Bomb)

25 (Explosion)

12 seconds
F KILLAH QWEN! Yoshee Sends out a large circle forms around him with the voice line "KILLER QUEEN, BITES THE DUST!" this freezes all of the players/bosses then healing all the players and then all the hp that was healed will go to the boss. I don't fucking know. 60 seconds
G idk A small quake. 55.

(15 lifesteal)

5 seconds


Yoshee's personality is much like Yoshikage Kira. He wants to live a peaceful life, but has a tendency to kill.


  • Increase Yoshee's health.
  • Increase Yoshee's speed.
  • Decrease Yoshee's cooldowns.


  • Originally, Falltz was going to buy in a joke character named acatus. But after Falltz got obsessed with Kira, he made Yoshee.
  • Yoshee was a prize won by Falltz which was given to him by darkkyraki.
  • Yoshee Kahgee is the word Yoshikage but spelt how you would say it outloud.
  • Yoshee Kahgee loves hands. Like, he REALLY loves hands.
  • Yoshee was originally supposed to be a joke character.