Yasahiro Michio is an OC by UncleDuckFace. o3o


Yasa wears a black top hat that has a white banded going around it. He has white hair and wears the Aether uniform. He also constantly has 3 tiny cubes floating around his head as he moves around. One can be shown in the picture but larger for clarification.


Yasa was originally a member of a small group known as the "Strategic Fanatics". Unfortunately, the leader began to grow a disliking on him and got rid of him for good. Now he roams the streets alone, looking for a new group to join as he ponders whether to go independent. Eventually, he decides to go independent and strives to be just like The Main Seven or Varia one day. While they don't know him, he knows them very well after keeping a cube on close watch of their actions and locations. Yasa plans to confront Varia or the Interns to sign up for a role in Team Dimensonia. Yasa continues to stalk Varia for weeks upon end. Until he finally decides to confront them for a friendly spar. While meeting a lot of opponents on the way, he meets an old friend: his boss.


"Yasahiro Michio... I thought you were dead," he muttered under his pitiful, panting breaths. Yasa glares a deadly stare towards him as he begins to raise his cubes further to his foul opponent.


Yasa is calm and collective. Always keeping things to himself. However, when the past comes crawling back, things can get pretty serious with Yasa. He does not take enemies kindly and always tries his best: even if he feels at his worst.


Attack Name Description DMG Cooldown
LMB "Third Dimension" Slowly raise all cubes. One cube glows red, another green, and the other blue. Holding LMB while doing other attacks will increase all damage by 20%. However, speed is decreased by 3. +20% to other attacks ~
E "Poison Ivy" Shoots the green-glowing cube forward. If this hits an enemy, the enemy is poisoned as the cube floats around their head. The cube retreats back after 20 seconds. Each second, 20 damage is inflicted. This is the same with an ally. The cube heals and does not damage, however. 20hp/20dmg per second. o3o No cooldown. When cube retreats, the cube can be used again.
R "Eye of the Cacti" Shoots the red-glowing cube forward. When hitting an enemy, the enemy is inflicted 300 damage. 360 with LMB. 300/360 dmg. 5 seconds.
F "Annencio Cube?" Shoots the blue-glowing cube forward. When hitting an enemy, the cube floats around the enemy for 3 seconds and inflicts 50 damage per second. Also stunned for 3 seconds when cube floats around. 50/60 dmg. Per second. o3o When cube retreats, cooldown starts. 3 seconds.
F "THE FITNESS GRAM PACER TEST" Shoots a LARGE blue cube forward. Moves really fast and does 10 damage when hitting an enemy. However, the cube has GODLY knockback much like General Keido's and Grumpo's. Plays "THE FITNESS GRAM PACER TEST" when pressed, also. 10 dmg. GODLY knockback. 3 seconds.


  • Strategic Fanatics
  • Stalking Dimensonia


  • Yasahiro means "Peaceful, calm or wise" in Japanese.
  • Michio means "Man on a Good Path" in Japanese.