not a joke

theres enough Joke ocs already so i took it seriously anyways lets start this OC


Uh so he has a necklace and sunglasses to hide his eyes he's actually not a cat but has play cat ears and a cat suit


Usually Ureow takes things too seriously and generally doesn't laugh unless the joke is said by one of the noob gang or by One of Citrus's characters, he's also a massive furry causing people to make fun of him on the internet


Key Atk (normal) Atk (keyblade) Dmg Cooldown
(LMB) pulls out his gun and shoots the enemy with a homing bullet Slash your keyblade 100 6 rounds (10 second reload)

(1 second keyblade)

(E) Stays still for 10 seconds then fires a Laser beam from his mouth (like shoop da whoop) Fire 5 ice crystals and if one crystal lands fire 1 megaflare 600 (gun)

10 (ice crystal)

1000 (megaflare)

(20 seconds)
(R) Summons his Keyblade for 10 seconds nothing Form change (120 seconds)
(F) Noob gang If a member of the Noob gang is present or one of citrus's oc: team up with the character and grant double attack to all allies for 10 seconds 0 (180 seconds)
(G) 50/50/50 Bonus Pull out your keyblade and use Flowmotion for 10 seconds, ending with a explosion at the end, all the while being invincible for 12 seconds 1000 (360 seconds)
(T) plays 180345194 0 (120 seconds)
Passive Jumping into a wall and pressing Y activates flow motion, Thus being able to escape quickly


This oc once originally gonna have 1 hp and his attacks do 2x more dmg but it would be too hard to survive

People who will get for free: Door_kn0b, iiKingRobux and Tsuranuita (The_citrus/SpiritCakes)


Increase HP DRASTICALLY (20 hp per upgrade)

Increase DPS DRASTICALLY (3% per upgrade)

Increase Duration of Keyblade! (R) (2 seconds per upgrade)