The bear man is an OC for Devil Beater created by Scroobius.

Moveset A

Attack Description DMG CLD
LMB Punches, dealing mediocre damage. Short cooldown. 100 0.6s
Q Transforms into a much larger version of yourself, increasing HP and damage output while decreasing walkspeed. You need 95% of your rage or more to activate this. Buff & nerf ???
E Pulls a boulder out from the ground and throws it for high damage and small knockback. This attack leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds, as you are not strong enough to retrieve the boulder instantly. 300 6s CLD

2.6s cast

R Leaps forward. Can be used for escaping or engaging in combat. If at 90% rage or more, you perform the leap your transformed version would perform instead. 500 (90%+ only) 10s
F No info given. TBA TBA
Passive ability The bear man has a Rage meter. This fills up by 2% every second and increases when you land an attack successfully. When at 95% or more, you can transform into a larger, more powerful version of yourself. (Q) None Passive ability

Moveset 2

Attack 2 Description 2 DMG 2 CLD 2
LMB Bashes the ground in front of you, creating an AoE shockwave that deals medium damage. 200 1s cast

1.7s CLD

E Spends some time gathering a gash of rocks from the earth below you and throws them towards the cursor, each one dealing high AoE damage for every enemy hit. You spend less time gathering these rocks than your smaller form, since you are much stronger during this transformation. 270 each 1.5s cast

8s CLD

R Leaps towards the cursor, creating a large AoE shockwave when you hit the ground. This leap has much more power than the initial form does. 500 14s
F No info given. TBA TBA