Tengiz von Bismarck is an OC for the game Devil Beater


Tengiz von Bismarck has a equinox suit,he has red hair and he wears a equinox fedora.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Exosmack Tengiz hits his hammer to the enemy leading to the enemy to get pushed back hardly 100 3.5 sec
E Lazeret Tengiz slams his hammer to the ground leading to summon 2 stone pillars that shoots lazers 85 (each) 15 sec
R "Spicy!" Grabs a red bottle full of Dr.Pepper and drinks it,heals 250 250 (healing) 33 sec
F Ulto-crack His hammer slams to the ground leaving it to make a giant red circle that has cracks on it. 300-777 45 sec


-Decrease Bismark's cooldowns

-Increase Bismarck's Speed

-Increase Tengiz's health




  • He was originally going to be called " Zorko Yeino " but he was changed alot of times until the conclusion of "Jimmy Yeino " but now [HE] kinda doesn't like it so [HE] decided to change it to "Tengiz von Bismarck".
  • Bismarck comes from a family from Prussia
  • His first part of the name comes from a lake
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