Sostice (also known as "hgjngntnghergnfwebhfgrbggjntsrbern" by a certain someone who i won't mention) is an OC for Devil Beater. Woooo.


Attack Description DMG CLD
LMB Swings your mace-sceptre-thing in an arc in front of you for medium damage and high knockback. 200 1.5s
RMB Charges up for a second before firing a quick burst of 5 short-range projectiles. Inaccurate, but dangerous. 125 x5 4s
E (Off I go!) Creates a shield around you while also charging at the posistion of your cursor. Upon hitting a player or anything solid, the shield explodes, sending all nearby enemies flying while healing you for all enemies hit. 300 dmg

20 heal

R (Solar Wrath) Slams your weapon into the ground, creating a wave of pillars in front of you that each deal low damage and bring enemies closer to you. If an enemy is hit by your Sunlight Slammer, they take much more damage and are stunned for 2 seconds. 400 melee

100 wave

F Creates a shield around you that soaks up all projectiles that touch it while knocking back enemies on contact. The shield grows in size every time a projectile or enemy hits it. Your speed also increases by 3 for every enemy you touch. After 5 seconds, you lose your speed buff and your shield explodes, dealing a higher amount of damage for every "stack" you had obtained. The explosion size is three times larger than whatever size your shield was before the attack ended. 75 on contact

300 base blast

+25 per


Passive ability Successful melee attacks have a 20% chance to have lifesteal and burn an enemy for 2 seconds. 10% LS

50 DoT



  • Increases your base stats. (+2.5% DMG from 0 to 15, +1.2% from 16 to 50. +10 HP from 0 to 15, +6.4 from 16 to 50. +0.28 SPD per SP spent.)
  • Increases the chance of your passive to activate and the duration of your DoT. (+0.5% chance per upgrade, +0.1s duration from 0 to 15, +0.06s from 16 to 50.)
  • Decreases the cooldown of your F. (-0.8s from 0 to 15, -0.3s from 16 to 50.)

Enemy Moves

  • Swing your sceptre in front of you for medium damage. Has a 25% chance to apply DoT for 3 seconds.
  • Shoot out a projectile for low damage.
  • Charge for 1 second and shoot out 5 small projectiles that each do medium damage.
  • Dash at the nearest enemy while creating a shield that explodes. This heals Sostice and does high damage to the player.
  • Create a line infront of you that explodes, bringing players to Sostice while doing low damage.
  • Create a shield for 5 seconds that expands in size if people attack the shield while deleting the players projectiles. After 5 seconds the shield explodes dealing 10 more damage the amount of times the shield has been hit.
  • Create a pillar at a random place in the map that erupts after 2 seconds dealing insane damage.
  • Copy a random move from a player every 15 seconds.
  • Say a random taunt.
  • Slam your sceptre on the ground creating a shockwave that does low damage and stuns every player for 2 seconds in it. Also shakes your screen


Sostice is the kind of person who always seems to be trying to show to his team that he's got some kind of power and isn't absolutely useless. Yet he's also the kind of person that a lot of people seem to ignore or forget about.

Whenever these kinds of things happen, Sostice usually finds himself turning to Kukyo - just to notice he isn't even paying attention.

So uh.

I guess he's kinda lonely.