Shomo Rotai is an OC character in Devil Beater.


Shomo has black hair, wearing helios Flame of Fate suit, and the Evil Assassin from the Bleakest Timeline.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
T Some



Shomo speaking in a text to speech robot, and says "End Haze Movement" 0 you nerb .5 seconds




Can summon an orb to deal low damage and heal (5 can be sent out) 20 dmg/5 heal 3 second/orb
E Bye-Bye! Quickly dash away 0 Duh, because why would you dash out of the way and deal damage 15 second
R BOOSTIO Slams his meaty fists together to give a buff to damage and healing +30 damage/+5 heal Duration: 60 seconds | Cooldown: 180 Seconds
F Spirit


Standing still, creates a giant orb, the size Goku made during the Freeza fight, and unleashes it to deal major damage 300 damage/20 heal Cooldown: 180 Seconds


Shomo is very straight forward on what's at hand, and won't pick a side to whom he chooses to fight with.


  • VERY slight heal from attacks
  • Improved damage
  • "Spirit Bomb" (F)'s cooldown is slightly decreased


Old Shomo

Shomo's old look

  • Shomo's first look was actually the Ninjafaic mask, and buildermaster hood, and the pose was much different (Seen on the right).
  • At 15/15/15, His taunt (T) would actually work.
  • At 50/50/50, instead of his orb being one of the helios color, it would be the exact color of the spirit bomb in the anime "Dragon Ball Z", when fighting freeza. Furthermore, he would make the sound Goku makes when charging.
  • He hates everyone, despite him choosing a side to fight with.
  • Jokes on you, Shomo Rotai means nothing in a different language.
  • "Boostio" is a reference from "Overwatch" when the character Lucio, says "SPEEEED BOOOST". A youtuber has made a joke and called him "Boostio" from that phrase.
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