Shirudo Suojos is an OC for the game Devil Beater.


Shirudo has green hair alongside a green fedora. He also dons the revamped Narukami Suit.


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Attack Description Damage Cooldown


Shirudo activates his FoF.

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LMB Creates a wall that moves forward. The wall increases size and damage based on how much damage it took. Base 10

Max 500

0.5 seconds
E Throw out a transparent orb, large enough to fit someone inside. If it hits an ally, it decreases the damage they take. Damage decreases based on how low the allies health currently is. 10 20 seconds
R Creates a square that circles around you, healing you to full health. Heals allies, too. Ally heal strength is based on how low your health is. N/A 10 seconds
F Creates a tall pillar that slows the enemy down. How much it slows down is based on how high your current health is. 50 30 seconds


  • Increases health.
  • Increases how well efficiency raises.
  • Increases size of F.


  • His name, Shirudo Suojos, is japanese. Shirudo being how you'd pronounce "shield" in japanese, Suojos just being a direct translation, making his name "Shield shield".