some random dead oc made by backflipzoura and kaiden10043 back when uh, db fanon was active I guess?

probably going to try and revive this oc, and fix it as it is "decent"


it funny leaf girl with funny cloth lol super funny man funny Sangyum Looma


Key Description Damage Cooldown

Sangiuem throws a leaf that automatically homes in on an enemy.

50 Damage -0/0/0

150 Damage - 15/15/15

300 Damage -50/50/50

1 Second
E Take out a rake, and start raking leaves for 2 seconds, while collecting some leaves if you are lucky. (This is for the R Move.)


(0/0/0 1-2 leaves)

(15/15/15 1-5 leaves)


1-10 leaves)

5 Seconds
R Sangiuem takes out a bin with leaves in it, which deals MASSIVE damage.(DEPENDING ON IF YOU USED YOUR R MOVE!) If the bin falls, it deals 500 Extra Damage. 0-10 Leaves - 50 Damage

10-15 Leaves - 500 Damage

15+ Leaves- 750 + 2 Seconds of Stun

20 Seconds

F Plant a maple seed down. The tree will start growing until it stops on a mature size. Acting like a turret, fires a total of 28 razor maple leaves onto the enemy. It also drops down green maple leaves, which gives the player a temporary damage buff. A total of 4 green leaves can be dropped per tree.

(45 each leaf 0/0/0)

(75 each leaf 15/15/15)

(200 each leaf 50/50/50)

2 minutes

​Upgraded Only Moves

Key Desc Damage cooldown
G (50/50/50)

summon a leaf tornado to spin your enemy around and deal damage, launching your enemy in a randomly chosen area (held in for 5 seconds, basically a 30x10)

100 (grabbed)

30 (time held in)

1 minute cooldown
X (15/15/15) you summon a leaf blower, making you unable to use any other attack until all available leaves are used. 100 damage each leaf landed 30 second cooldown
T (5/5/5) You grab a normal whip and you whip the enemy and make them bleed for 10 seconds 50 (WHIP HIT)

10 (BLEED)


(after bleed goes away)

Boss moveset

Description Damage Cooldown
Summon 10 homing leaves to lock onto a target nearby 50 damage each leaf when all leaves disappear it can be used again
take off your Autumn shades, revealing more, which causes an explosion to happen dealing high damage to targets nearby and damage to the boss as well

400 damage (players)

600 damage (boss)

once when at critical hp
Launch leaves at every direction in a Spiral form 100 each leaf landed only occurs at medium hp

and lower, 15 second cooldown

boss hp: ???


- Slightly Increase the chance that the bin will also fall on the enemy.

- Increase Damage.

- Decrease Raking Time, Increase Chance of finding more than 2 Leaves


  • She has gone through several redesigns.
  • Fun fact (not that fun): The appearance was actually made by kaiden10043, with the approval of BackflipZoura.
  • older Icon used was made by Tsuranuita
  • this is probably going to be filled with leaf related stuff I imagine