Samara Arcana is a demonic businesswoman who made a pact with Fun 'n Fruity and works in the Commercial Business & External Affairs Division.


Samara is a demon that looks like a child with the height of 4'8 (That's right. She's a fucking loli but in actuality, 600 years as a demon means she is 6 in human years.) Samara has purple glowing eyes, purple and pink hair, and black horns. Samara wears a purple business shirt, a black vest, a pair of black shorts, and sandals. She is seen with a staff.


Samara is a female demon who enjoys business. Her best deals include: Anything you desire for your soul. She enjoys tricking unsuspecting victims and working with money, mainly stealing or scamming for it. She is a demon that made a pact with Fun n' Fruity. (Not related to Akuma at all)


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Arcanite Missile "Left click to fire out a low-damage magical projectile." 50 0.25 Seconds
Q Arcanite Barrage Create a massive arcanite crystal that rises into the air, then shatters, causing a lot ( and I mean A LOT) of crystal shards to scatter across the map. 50 per shard 8 Seconds
E Arcanite Port "Fire an orb that switches your place with an enemy or ally." 250 5 Seconds
R Arcanite Storm "Raise three arcanite orbs, and fire them at the boss, the orbs track the boss." 85 per orb 6 Seconds
F Arcanite Deception "Samara creates two copies of her that copy her moves. Upon their creaton, Samara switches places with one of them (She could be left, right, or center.)" N/A 30 Seconds
Passive You Haven't Seen the Last of me! "When Samara falls below 20% health, she teleports to a random ally. She heals another 20% of her max health." N/A 25 Seconds


  • Increase Speed (0.125+/1 Point)
  • Increase Health (2.5+/ 1 Point)
  • Increase Damage (1/1 Point)



  • 80,000 with less people.
  • 120,000 with a full server.

Samara spawns from a meteor crashing into the ground. Samara will use a shit ton of spells while remaining stationary for half the fight;

  • Meteor storm.
  • Tsunamis.
  • Lightning.
  • Most commonly, a fireball.
  • Ice Comets.

At 50% health;

  • Samara gains free mobility.
  • Will attempt to combo attack with her basic character abilities. (LMB x3, E, F, R)
  • Summon demonic minions.
  • Moves to the center of the map and spins, firing a haze beam from both ends of her staff, becoming a mini trumpet blaster.


  • Her last name is derived from 'Arcane.'
  • Her price is an obvious reference to Satan.
  • Samara is basically a non-drunk Suika from Touhou.
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