Ryan Akashi is a OC Based on the User RuanSousa075.


Ryan Akashi wears Shade samurai, a ninja bandana,Blue scene hair,and has a katana,Nerd Glasses,And shown having a D: face.


Ryan Akashi personality seems like prefering being a Funny one. on complicated situations or Importants subjects causing Ryan's personality Changes drastically being serious.






Passive None.[only for kunai mode.] You gain more kunais for every second you need to wait. for the Kunai Count's. none. every 9 seconds.


LMB None Slash his katana if it hits with marking it will make More damage for you,(kunai mode shoots a kunai if the kunai hits the boss he gets the bleed effect losing 10 per health Melee [440],Ranged[50] Melee[1 second],Ranged[2 second.]
E None. He makes a mark in the boss if the marks work will bleeding and weaker making your stronger,(Kunai he throw up 5 kunais in your way dealing a high damage 10 per bleeding,690 kunai 23 seconds marking cooldown,40 second cooldown ranged.
R None. He throw up a  extra katana in the boss if the boss gets hit the katana he will get walled which mean he will lose 30 hp per seconds[with bleeding[40 per bleeding],(Kunai he summons a stunning shuriken if the boss get hit with bleed effect the stun shuriken explodes  30 damage per walled,stun [100 damage],bleeding[5 seconds.],Explosion[10] 20 seconds.
F None Katana he makes a solar thing in the ground making a sword mark if the boss goes in the sword mark will appear in him the swords,Kunai he will get every kunai he had counted Combining all of then making a strong one throwing it on the boss [Hard to hit] will get High damage Solar[950.],Kunai[995] solar[99],kunai[199]
T Taunty! some random taunt. 0 0
Q Weapon Change Changes forms, Katana to Kunai. ??? ???
15/15/15 15/15/15 Every slash you may do will throw white wind.

which may be ranged but dealing a WEAK DAMAGE.

10 damage 1


-Ryan's akashi rarely uses his Aether power from his fight but he uses equipments.

-Ryan akashi had many moves but i deleted they

-Ryan's akashi has friend from one of his teammates that he shown more of personality.

-may add later

Ryan's akashi [REWORKED.]

So i kinda hated the old one and i really wanted to remake one of my OC...And i decided to remake Ryan! :D i changed his name from Ruan to Ryan...Nothing really changed with name but i added more things to ryan.i will may add more things on here

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