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Xowe is nothing like the other robots. He has no flaws in personality except for his major seriousness and hatred toward Rufaro's ":U"s.


Xowe is a robot created by Nick in order to spy on Xeiron to catch information and flaws in their plans. When The Alliance Finds Robot KING (a.k.a Nick), A secret phrase activated Xowe to come back early,realizing that the Alliance is about to take out the whole corporation,he engages a hellish fight.


Name Key Info DMG Cooldown
Isotope Sphere! LMB Shoots a large Isotope Sphere for Large damage 500 0.5 seconds
Isotope Strike! (50ed) RMB Xowe punches the enemy for large damage. 500 0.5
Nope! E Summons a dummy that does massive damage to the enemy that hits it,lowered damage over time 5000 (lowers by 500 per 5 seconds) 10 seconds (after dummy despawns)
Fortify! R Summons a turret. Can have 13 at a time 150 per shot 5 (10 after turret despawns)
End Of The World F Summons a storm of mini nukes to hit the map 1000 per nuke 2 minutes
Taunt (50ed) T Xowe yells "Ka Powe!" 5 (Quack) 0.1 seconds

Boss Fight

Minion Phase:

Xowe dosent fight,but instead has every robot fight you at the same time (Excluding KING)

Phase 1:

Xowe Fights the alliance alone,broken parts of the other robots (excluding KING) are scattered around the map.


Xowe Bursts 6 Isotope orbs in random directions,100 Dmg each orb

Xowe taunts the players,pulling the nearest person close to him as he isotope punches them,150 Dmg

Xowe makes the area above the players turn golden orange,instantly kills players who touch it

Xowe punches the ground,erupting lightning bolts around him, 250 dmg if touched

Xowe then loses his patience,stating that he's had enough and will show the alliance his true power

Phase 2:

Xowe has a newer moveset.

Hp:1mil 4mil on full server

Xowe does his third move from the first page,but then morphs it into a beam that despawns 5 seconds after use

Xowe does his first attack but there is "layers" of orbs that he shoots

Xowe teleports to the player and sacrafices 10k hp to explode with damage,400 dmg to players in the AOE

Xowe summons a stand for 10 seconds that does rapid punches infront of him,50 dmg per punch

Xowe pulls a maurice and summons exploding orbs around him,125 dmg to players caught in the AOE

Xowe summons exclamation points in random places around the map,lightning striking those areas,125 damage per strike

Note:Xowe gets stunned while using this move

Xowe then realizes how Nick isn't a robot and calls him a dirty traitor,2 npcs of Xowe and Nick clash with eachother,causing a blinding light to players as the building crumbles to nothing.

[Robot Xowe has been added to the character roster]

People who automatically get Xowe

Jamar: 50ed (why exclude him?)

Qu: perm 0ed (hes an asshole but not a complete dick)

Dark:50ed (thanks for dark,i can now solo nearly every boss)

Siam: 50ed (he helped me out a lot)

me: 50ed (why not the creator?

Drager:100ed (he made me like admins a bit)

If any of the LISTED people want something like -1ed,just ask


  • Xowe is found alive after the fight but nick is presumed dead,with Xowe giving the alliance the solaris artifact where nick would appear,yet Xowe avoids a fight.
  • Nicks gang is still formed,but with some raised eyebrows
  • The taunt literally comes from the idea for Xowes name being Powe,then realizing that POWE was like POW and made it a taunt
  • Every Quack is a joke referring to the april fools update