Robo Boy is an OC for Devil Beater. He is based off of ARiNA_AZUMA.

Here are his models (incase you need them):

Robo Boy is now a Official character for Devil Beater


Robo Boy wears a suit of armor. But he dosen't have a helmet, exposing his blue-humanoid head which seems to be made of polygons. He also doesn't have armor pieces for his right arm and leg.

When Robo Boy is angered, his skin becomes red and his eyes start glowing.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Left-Click Robo Boy fires an orb from his left arm. 200 0.5 Seconds
E Robo Boy fires a green orb from his left arm, which heals allies and stuns enemies. 50 (Healing), 100 (Damage) 5 Seconds
R Robo Boy creates a barrier around him, which knocks back enemies and heals him. 10 (Healing), 100 (Damage) 12 Seconds
F Robo Boy empowers himself, boosting his base stats for a short period of time. Stat Boost 30 Seconds


Robo Boy acts like the cliched, superhero type of guy. But when anyone insults Robo Boy, he becomes angry to the point that his skin turns red and his eyes start glowing. When he is angry, there is almost nothing that can stop him unless you battle him.


  • Increase Robo Boy's base damage.
  • Increase Robo Boy's speed.
  • Increase Robo Boy's originality. (Health)


  • When 50/50/50'd, he looks as if he's extremely angry. His eyes glow red and his skin turns red.
  • This OC is based on an inside joke between iiDiablu and his other friends.
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