'Hmph, Get out of my way." - Rito attempting to threaten the enemy.

Rito is an OC for Devil Beater and is apart of the Geometry Club.


Rito has blue hair, wears a pink winter cap and dons blue and pink shirts and pants on.


The same as Sir Guillester i guess?!?!?!? for all geometry club members

Move Set

Attack Name Descripton Damage Cooldown
LMB Straightfly Spike Throw a spike in front of you for high damage. 250 0.5 sec
E Ship Fly Summon a ship to crash down into the enemy for high damage and lifesteal. 500 (50 lifesteal) 5 secs
R Yatagarasu Summon a three legged crow to shoot red beams at the enemy for high damage. The crow lasts 5 seconds. 300 (each beam) 20 secs
F Bloodbath Create a spike long spike row infront of you, if an enemy touches it they get bombarded with spikes coming out of no where. Deals INSANE damage. 5k damage (IN TOTAL) 1 minute.


~Sir Guillester






  • Rito is based off of a popular geometry dash youtuber, Riot.
  • Once again, his relationships are based off of OTHER geometry dash youtubers except joke names.
  • His R and F moves are based on his popular levels, Yatagarasu and Bloodbath.
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