Fan-made element made by JamarMario, Falltz and Touhoufan911. Created with the purpose of being the official element of the Nuke Squad. If you want to make OCs with this element, ask Falltz.

The name was inspired in Radia's name.

Nuclear element

The Symbol

The Radialem Element

Radialem focus on low damage on a single attack and VERY large amounts of damage over time. That means a character can do 100 damage on certain ability, but 5 seconds later, that damage will be over 600. They can also have medium damage and medium HP, still keeping medium to large amounts of damage over time.

They can also do massive damage over 1 or 2 seconds with large cooldowns.

Even though they can do very large chunks of damage, they usually have very low HP. For an exemple, Polonium Curie. Polonium can do EXTREMELY LARGE amounts of damage, but has only 20 walkspeed and 65 HP, making him a completely offensive character, as he has no knockback attacks and his HP is extremely low.

Personality Traits

Most of them lacks most ethical values or are driven crazy, as a large amount of indivual have had a major bad experience in some point of their life. Canon Head for exemple, is mentally retarded and Polonium lacks most, if not all, ethical values.

Radialem Users

Polonium Curie

Radia Nuklearna

Canon Head

Chernobyl Madhat

Radox Lethron

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