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Prima Est Oculus is a cyborg, alike every ARINA's character (This isn't a copy). He was created by alexdavid4 himself.


Prima is a normal-skinned male grown man. He wears a maroon coloured slightly torn suit jacket in his right arm and, slightly torn trousers with belt on his right leg. Has a grey hairstyle of a politician, like an old man, and of course, wearing a bandana. His right arm and leg is replaced with red cyborg parts, attached with some kind of cannon-claw-like on his right arm.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slashes his sword on his right arm for high damage. 270 0.9 Second
E Fire 3 bursts of the swords to mouse location. Each deals medium damage. 137 (per sword) 3.5 Seconds
R Holding R charges a great uppercut. Releasisng R after it fully charges, releases a massive wave dealing extreme damage. If release early, releases a smaller wave dealing fewer damage. Further it charges, the slower your speed will be.

342 (maximum)

60 (minimum)

19 Seconds
F Unsheathes his sword and charges a massive laser for 4 seconds. Anyone caught into it will dealt massive damage. 614 32 Seconds


  • Increase Damage
  • Increase Health
  • Increase Size of his swords (Skill E)

Prima Est Oculus w Blade

With his Sword


  • This character has been in the Fanon nearly 2 years now, including in the old, main wikia. It's one of the first and early OCs every created. Id say it died from old age by now.
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