Polyester Missle is a joke oc based on a joke oc, Rubber Projectile.


another ball


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB k-kick get kicked in the direction you are facing for medium damage 100 1.5 seconds
E b become immortal for 4 seconds but cant use moves none because its a shield 4.4 seconds
R depression fire a small orb that if it hits it makes a team killing explosion near them cancer 8.8 seconds
F i am the real deal turn into rubber projectile for 14 seconds + permenant hp and damage up none lol 28.8 seconds
Q step on a lego remove everyones legs (50/50/50 only) memes mathlol
PASSIVE i will never be as good as him slowly acknowledge the fact you are a ripoff (8% chance to turn into a giant basketball like charles r each time you get hit, massively increases damage) it's a fucking passive you cunt its a passive you shit nugget


  • increase fakeness (hp upgrade)
  • increase depression (damage upgrade)
  • increase suicidal thoughts (speed upgrade)

legit stats are: hp: 4, dps: 4, speed: 4

boss moves

everything rubber projectile has + everything he has and has 1234567 hp + is fighting with rubber projectile


Polyester missle's origins are completely unknown, But other then what he has told us. He was apparently "Related by blood" to Rubber Projectile, Later being proven wrong... Somehow. After awhile we got more out of him saying he was originally a dog named "Hunter" before dieing of natural causes. Due to this, His owner went insane and found a way to transfer what remained of polyester missle's "life force" into a soccer ball, but without knowing what he was doing accidently created a being of great power. After being resurrected, Polyester missle was blinded by rage and killed his owner, Moving on in life. He later in life, Met Rubber Projectile, And they uhh, They were neutral with each other, Showing no emotion towards the other. After awhile, They grew and actually seemed to like each other, But then were seperated due to unknown means. After awhile, Polyester missle somehow purged an entire island (Greenland). Afterwards, He became neutral and found himself in the devil beater universe, Under contract with Drager and Akuma as a Secret character. When he was first discovered, Later in life he was leaked and removed from the game, Replaced as "Fist". Then, Polyester missle became a wanderer, trying to find Rubber Projectile. When he did, He hated him now. So yay. I just wrote an entire PARAGRAPH for a ball's backstory.