Octavio is an OC for Devil Beater.


Octavio's colour scheme consists of mostly black and white. He wields a black and white katana and also wears a top hat. He has the normal Aether suit, also.


Octavio comes from another planet. This planet is known as "TErrAcE". He doesn't remember anything from being there other than his mission.

Octavio's objective was to eliminate a mafia force on Earth. This force threatened to take over his planet even though they never had the technology to. This was an empty threat, but taken seriously. Octavio does not remember any further details.


Octavio speaks normally... but in fluent German. Nobody understands him and his dialogue isn't translated at all. For example, "Wo ist die nächste Toilette?! Im Ernst, ich muss gehen!!" (This just means "Where is the nearest toilet?! Seriously, I need to go!!")

Game play


Octavio is a limited. Meaning he is only released for a certain amount of time in the shop. He'd be in the shop every October the 30th for 4 days (My B day o3o) at around 10,000,000 gold since he's OP. He also may be a prize for a challenge if loads of people complain that he costs to much. This would only be when it's not October 30th.



Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slice forward with your katana. On the 3rd slice, you do higher damage while swinging your katana downwards extremely fast. 75 (1, 2)

125 (3)

0.8 seconds.
E Throw your sword like a boomerang. Deals high damage and no knockback. 200 2 seconds.
R Charge up a large attack. After charging for a short period of time, slam your katana into the ground. This causes a shockwave to be sent forward (like a white crack in the ground). 400 7 seconds.
F Becoming invincible, start swinging your sword around you with both hands. Become faster and faster: doing higher damage. Lasts 5 seconds and you are mobile during the process. (There is a 1.4 second delay between each hit on the enemy.) 200, 250, 300, 400 17 seconds.
Q Switch between your hammer and your katana. None 3 seconds.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slam forward with your hammer hard. Upon the third slam, create a large shockwave that knocks enemies back (makes no damage difference). 150 1.7 seconds.
E Throw your hammer upwards, soon landing infront of you to make an extremely large shockwave that knocks enemies back a great distance. 300 5 seconds.
R Hit infront of you as if you were playing baseball. Launches the enemy at a great distance if hit. 500 7 seconds.
F The spikes on your hammer will begin rotating wildly. If you hit an enemy within the next 5 seconds, you will get a huge damage boost for 10 seconds (+40%). If not, you will incur a damage penalty (-50%) and the spikes will stop rotating. However, all allies will get a health boost (+50%). Pressing E while the spikes rotate will abort the process and only damage you for -20% of your health and your allies will not get a health boost. Buff 29 seconds.
Q Switch between your hammer and katana. None 3 seconds.


  • Increase health.
  • Increase both LMB's damage.
  • Decrease damage penalty on Hammer's F.

Boss Moves