Neso Maso (awakened) is an OC made by aBUDofLIfe


Neso Maso now wears a yellow hood, an Isotope/??? suit, along with the casual and well-known Dimensionia trousers. He wears a black hood with golden at the tips, and he has a creepy smile, with darkness blocking the upper parts of his face from sight.


Neso Maso is very intimidating, with both his awakened and normal form's dialogue. He seems to be pretty ignorant as well, that being only in his awakened form.


LMB - Shoot a Yellow Hand (like Awakened Xor), dealing medium damage

Q - Change into a stacker (changes his entire moveset to just a copy of Awakened Xor)

E - He puts his arms in an X shape, and brings them both down, creating a shockwave.

R - Shoot out a giant homing hand that does high damage if you get lucky enough to hit it.

F - Shoot out tons of hands to grab the enemy and slam them on the floor once.

T - Neso proceeds to do a creepy laugh.

How to unlock

Just taunt as Neso 6 times before the fighter is rolled by Rinzaru.

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