Naoko Imoni is an OC character for Devil Beater.


Naoko has auburn scene hair, and is wearing stylish shades plus a HAZE suit.


Key Name Description Damage Duration Cooldown
LMB WHACK Naoko violently swings his bamboo staff at the enemy 75 Damage N/A .3 seconds
E Come, Minion Summons a mini black person to fight. Max spawn of 6 130 Damage/hit 2.5 Minutes per minion Cooldown: 2.6 seconds
R Shield Me Creates a barrier to protect himself, but it's incredibly weak (100 HP) 0, it's a shield Until depleted Cooldown: 30 seconds
F HAZEEEEE His minion's fists are powered with haze, and recieves increased damage. +450 damage When the current minions with the buff are all gone. Cooldown: 180 seconds


  • Increase in minion count
  • Cooldowns are lightly decreased
  • Shield won't be AS fragile.

50/50/50: Minions will get demon horns, and recieve an increase in damage.


Naoko came from a very low type of area. Gangs, criminals, you name it, yet that doesn't stop Naoko from continuing his training as a youth. He soon learn to develop mini minions to do as he says for short period of time. Honing on this ability, the spawning became much more quicker instead of every 1 hour.

Few years pass, Naoko meets Lea, who's forming a team to help her embark on different tasks. He gladly accepts, and meets Tero (Not introducted yet.), who helped build the staff he uses today.


  • Lea Besdi: Lea is the leader of turndials. She's the only one who pretty much respects Naoko the most, even if he's a haze. Both have a great relationship, close to seeming if they're a couple.
  • Alex Troban: Alex is a member of turndials. both Naoko and Alex both respect each other mutually, as Lea could probably beat them up if they ever want to kill each other.. Which they do..
  • Turndials: He co-leads with Lea being leader.
  • Oscodo Hurey: Naoko does respect Oscodo, but he thinks there's something more to him than meets the eye.
  • Tero Vow (NOT MADE): Made Naoko's staff he uses today.


  • Haze users are bad.
  • His 50/50/50 upgrade makes turns his minions into lookalike demons.
  • The reason he has such a low DPS, he mainly relies on allies and his minions to do the work for him, because who wants to go in to battle and whack someone with a bamboo stick?
  • He was almost posed as Avaxus in a front-posed manner, but was changed with a sudden movement.
  • The suit was also changed, because the suits themselves on the store is named wrong.

Extra Notes

This is some extra things that have to be cleared up, in case if anyone wonders why the hell those stats and moves are cancerous.

  • His DPS mainly comes from his bamboo staff, as you must be close up to actually hit someone. His minions on the other hand, allows him to be safe from a distance, while still doing damage.
  • Making his bamboo staff get the haze power as well is also a dumb idea, AS AGAIN, you have to get close up to the enemy.
  • The upgrade to decrease cooldowns of all attacks shouldn't work on his E, because then you can spam the hell out of E and quickly kill the enemy(ies).