Maxwell is an OC who might be bought in this year or so. (Emphasis on MIGHT)


Maxwell wears a straw hat, as well as the scarlet disguise hat, which means he has sunglasses and a scarf on. He has the sick day face.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Swapper Switch weapons. None None
LMB PEWPEW Hold down LMB to fire small bullets towards the cursor at high speeds, dealing low constant damage. These bullets have a bit of spread, thus making them less efficient at long ranges. 20 per shot 3s (viable when held)
E Touch it, I dare you! >:0 Deploys up to three beartraps at the cursor posistion, with a 1s delay between each trap set. They last for 5 seconds and, when stepped on, stun the victim for 1.5s. 50/s

3s duration

7s when all traps are placed
R Not-so-nuclear Deploys an explosive at the player's posistion. After 3 seconds, this explosive creates a huge dome-like explosion, dealing high damage to every enemy inside of it every so often. 200 every 1.5s 8s
F Concentrated


Stops firing bullets and instead fires a laser that can be controlled by the cursor. (Somewhat like Xenon's E.) This deals very high damage to an enemy, once. (so i guess the bullet is so concentrated it becomes a laser? i dunno.) 400 15s
T ??? Boosts your speed by 15 for 3 seconds and creates a huge bear-trap made of raw energy around you. When the speed buff duration ends, the bear trap snaps shut, dealing high damage to all enemies hit. High lifesteal. (15/15/15 Move) 450, 65 Lifesteal 18s

Second Moveset (Sceptre)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Swapper Switch weapons. None None
LMB ??? Swing your sceptre infront of you, Making small pulse and pushing the enemy back and you towards them, Every 3rd hit you'll do a spin attack. 100 a hit, 95 per spin attack. 0.8s
E ??? Swirl your sceptre around in the air, before creating a wave of healing for allies. None, 40 heal to ally, 60 to self. 11s
R ??? Swirl your sceptre infront of you, before slamming it onto the ground, creating an AoE explosion for stun. 75 per hit 7s
F ??? Spin-dash forward for 3 circles worth of space before creating a medium sized AoE explosion for a buff towards allies & damages enemies. 400 a hit, +3 Walkspeed towards allies 23s
T ??? Point your sceptre up in the air, before creating a cube around yourself, that on contact heals allies and increases its size. (15/15/15 Move) None, 75 heal to allies, 100 towards self. 7.5 Seconds




  • He was originally going to be a joke character. :U
  • I thought of the concept while sleeping for some reason.
  • Credits to Filthy_Sinner for the mugshot and the uzi moveset.
  • If he's actually going to be bought in there will be a list, but until it's confirmed, lolnope
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