"Still waiting for that moment when we will start to be serious." - Matt, breaking the 4th wall.

Matt Roszak is an OC for Devil Beater.


Matt is shown to have blonde hair and a pirate hat. He dons black and red suit and has 3 swords which one of them is only visible, Heaven's Gate.


Coming soon m8


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switcharoni Switch out of your 3 swords. Heaven's Gate does medium damage and lifesteal. Rune Blade does low damage and high lifesteal. Soul Eater does high damage and no lifesteal. Depends on the sword 1 sec
LMB Weee! Jump in the air and smash down to create a small shockwave dealing damage depending on the sword. Heaven's Gate = 200

Rune Blade = 100 Soul Eater = 300

1.5 sec
E Revenge Slash infront of you. Deals more damage the lower HP you have and the less allies you have. Depends 7 secs
R Legend Slash infront of you, if hits the enemy is put in a stun lock and you slash him 9 times quickly. Depends 10 secs
F Ragnarok Rain down swords from the sky. Small swords do low damage. Finish it up with a giant sword creating a huge shockwave. This lasts 3 seconds Small Swords = 100 Giant Sword = 1k 30 secs


Matt is an overall not serious person, yet still very powerful. He has a fetish for needing so many swords... He mostly likes to have fun and thats it. :L


  • He is based off of a character from Epic Battle Fantasy.
  • He has a pet companion cat named NoLegs.