Magmus Incinerem is an OC for the Devil Beater remake, and a member of the Neuro Bio-Beasts, a group of strong entities that exist to only follow Corruptus' commands.


Magmus Incinerem is an entity with molten stone body and legs made of pure obsidian (not really). He has red arms and a very red head.

Character Moves

When you play as Magmus:

Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB: Meteor Summon Magmus summons meteors that rain down on the specific distance where your mouse is facing. 50 with each meteor Each meteor has a cooldown of 2 seconds.
E: Lava Pit Summons a lava pit from a distance in your mouse direction. Anyone stepping on it will receive miniscule damage overtime. If continuously stepped, this can be extremely dangerous. 25 each burn, lava pit lasts 12 seconds 25 seconds
R Summons 3 meteors in your mouse direction, each dealing medium damage 215 8 seconds each large meteor
F: Incineration Summons two dragon heads to act as turrets and set enemies on fire for 15 seconds. 100, 50 each burn 30 seconds
C: Cataclysm Magmus' body turns blue, which increases his speed and health slightly. Magma orbs can also come out of the ground dealing damage to enemies around him. 150 each orb 40 seconds

Enemy Moveset:

Same moveset as mentioned above, but he will have 115000 health. When down to half health, he will use Cataclysm but unlike the C ability mentioned in the table, this one is permanent.


- Caos Enindius Mortem - partners in crime (and pillaging)

- Daeryn Entioch

- Sycorem Sinasco - First encounter didn't go so well. The second time he was convinced to join him.

- Cryoreo Frozotus

- Dominus Corruptus, his loyal master

- Estrada Page, according to his first encounter