Leon Bravo is a OC for Devil Beater and is part of the Nuke Squad.


Leon bravo wears a Narukami Suit.Along with a Fancy Cowboy hat and a Black Ninja Headband.He carries a Nuclear Bomb and a Radioactive mine.


Leon is very calm most of the times.But when hes bothered alot he just says "Stop bothering me or you will get it".When hes angry he puts a radioactive mine on the floor besides the person bothering him.Then when turned on, radioactive waves on the floor forms,leaving it to do hard damage to the people around the range of the radioactive mine,but it doesn't hurt Leon.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Hand Slash Bravo forms a dark green horizontal slash that goes to the enemy in a fast rate. 175 0.6 sec
E Radioactive Mine The player places a mine,which creates radioactive waves to do good damage,the mines/waves lasts for 3 seconds.

(0/0/0) 2

(15/15/15) 5



5 sec
R Gas Hole A big hole appears on the ground,after 3 seconds it shoots gas from the hole,which goes up at a great height.But at the same time its a power-up for a specific character.

The buff can duplicate it damage by two,but its unknown which specific character gets the buff.


75 (Radiation)

+50 dmg


30 sec
F Nuclear Fall Alike Polonium,a nuke appears from the sky and falls on the ground,once it hits the ground it makes a shock-wave and a giant explosion. 999999 +




1200 dmg,)

1.25 min


  • Decrease R's cooldown,and increase E's amount of radioactive mines
  • Increase E's and LMB's damage drastically
  • increase Leon's health and speed in a high rate
  • 50 ALL BONUS - Instead of 1 dark green slash,its 5.Also the amount of radioactive mines turn into 10.


Eehhh...nothing much here.


Idfk :U


  • His first name was based on a spanish state in spain called "Leon"
  • His last name was based off the nuclear accident in Bikini Atoll called "Castle Bravo Incident/Accident"
  • Originally Leon Bravo suppose to be a stealer from other nuclear facilities that aren't related to Nuke Squad's.But now he crafts nuclear bombs that have great power (over 15 megatons),and now he has got to the point of copying Polonium's bomb.