Lea Besdi is an OC character in Devil Beater.


Lea has the galaxy boy hair, a bandana, and the Stratus flame suit.


Key Name Description Damage Duration Cooldown
LMB "Three



Lea takes one of her katanas and swings. 45 damage/hit N/A .3 Seconds
E "Quickies" Lea readies the weapons, and stabs three times on each katana 60 damage/hit N/A 10 seconds
R "Rally" Clashing her katanas together, all allies and herself receive a damage buff. +90

damage buff

90 seconds 100 seconds
F "A Blowing Death" Lea only dashes forward. If an enemy is hit, she will bring up her katanas, and slice down to deal major damage. 500 damage N/A 180 seconds


  • Increase Health
  • "Rally" (R)'s buff is increased slightly.
  • "Three Pronged Attack" (LMB)'s damage is increased slightly.

At 15/15/15, You get a quick healing buff (50 health) along with the damage buff in "Rally" (R)

At 50/50/50, her katanas will be stratus imbued, with flames at the base.


Lea isn't really special. A plain dual katana's she uses, which is imbued with her Stratus powers. Her initial cause of having the element inside her is unknown. But, she has now formed a small group with people.

Even though she's the main leader of Turndials and the 2nd most strongest (probably due to her F), she's actually the most kind person someone can meet. She respects everyone in the group, and even people who aren't in the group.


  • Turndials: She's the main leader, with Naoko helping her.
  • Naoko Imoni: She mainly respects Naoko the most, as he's the most useful and helps her a lot to lead Turndials. She goes to Naoko when she's in need of advice. Their friendship can also seem they could be a couple.
  • Alex Troban: Even though Alex and Naoko get into fights, She still respects him as a member of the group.
  • Oscodo Hurey: Osc's mysterious self keeps Lea on her toes, in case something is up. Nonetheless, still respects.


  • Even though Lea looks like a boy, the person who allowed the creator to make her, she was confirmed to be a female.
  • She doesn't like it when someone refers to Her as a "He/Him". She will get on somoene's case.
  • Even though her attacks are weak, F is the heavy hitter.
  • If you think who you think it is, then you're probably right.
  • She would have been the strongest, if Oscodo did not pass her up on damage.