Kaniini Triusis is an OC for the game, Devil Beater.


Kaniini is a woman with bunny ears and bright pink hair. She wears a pink paper plate mask that resembles a rabbit which covers up most of her face save for her mouth. She wears silver lipstick as well. Kaniini's main outfit is just a bunny onesie. Her pet rabbit, Shirosagi, rests on her shoulder.


i can't get the graphs right

Attack Description Damage Cooldown


Kaniini brings out her sais and her pet rabbit, Shirosagi. None None???


She slices forward with her sais and each third time she will throw a homing bomb at the enemy. 67 (sais)


None (first 2 clicks)

2 seconds (after bomb)



Shirosagi clones himself into 2, and runs towards the nearest enemy for 20 seconds. 114 per 4 seconds 21




Shirosagi clones himself into 5, and runs towards the nearest enemy for 15 seconds. 137 per 3 seconds 25


Inuika Olu


She runs towards the enemy then jumps up into the air and then lets out a barrage of bombs at the enemy. 287 (5 seconds) 30 seconds


Kaniini stays silent half of the time. Actually wait, she can't speak. Kaniini is mute. Even so, she does not let that get in the way with communicating with the other members of the Red Rabbit Syndicate. She is loyal to her faction and will do anything to bring them honor and will not hesitate to bring down those who disrespect the Red Rabbits.


  • "Kaniini Triusis" is just a code name. Her real name is Jänes Centzon.
  • She works as a hitman for the Red Rabbit Syndicate.
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