Kaiden is a male adolescent who wears the stratus suit. He is based off of kaiden10043. He wears a space top hat and cardboard sunglasses. He also wears a rad as hell cape. He has 8 purple, transparent big heads behind him when he activates his flame.


gimmie like 2 days i gotta think about this


Attack Description Damage Cooldown

(A fool's glitter.)

Kaiden has 4 balls of Stratus circling him each dealing medium damage and high life steal. Low knock-back. 200 Dmg, 100 life steal. 50/50/50 Bonus
Left-Click (Heading in the right direction) Kaiden shoots a stratus ball out of his big heads which follows his mouse. Deals slight knock-back. 100 for each shot, 800 if sweet spotted. 2.0 seconds
E (Walkin' all over you) Kaiden dashes foward knocking any enemies in his way away and dealing damage. Also leaves a purple trail which when touched by allies heals them. Invincible when dashing. At the end of the dash you release a small AOE that deals high damage and medium knock-back. 300 damage.

700 damage for the aoe.

6 seconds
R (Wonderchild.) Kaiden Shoots medium damage meteors in quick sucession.

If you do a direct hit you deal extra damage. When you directly hit an enemy with the last meteor it also roots them.

188 per meteor

+150 damage if sweet spotted. 3 second root.

8 Seconds
F (Heads up.) Kaiden Summons a long range big head at mouse point. Launches itself at the enemy for high damage. On the point of impact a ward is made. After 2-3 seconds more big heads will fall from the sky hitting the ward. Big head: 550

Small big heads: 100

30 seconds
Q Kaiden shoots a small milky way galaxy-like projectile. If you press Q again the projectile activates and stuns anyone in it. Deals damage if the enemy is in the middle. 600 in the middle. 7 Seconds


Kaiden is more of a laid back, nonsensical person who seems to take his powers for granted. He seems to be the nicer part of The Gents and is Samson's right hand man. He says strange things like "believe me or you have cabbage taste." . Though he is usually seen as a calm person he can become very passive aggressive if he is pushed to that point which is almost never.


  • His old E was that he summoned 4 big head minions that shot at the enemy and can melee the enemy but then Memer Dreamer was a thing. So I had to change the E so I don't get called out on a rip off.