"BUT I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO LOSE!!!!!" - James, Crying about him losing against the main 7.

James Unorginality is an OC for Devil Beater.


James wears a red baseball cap, dons a blue shirt and some black jeans. He also wields an iron sword.


James was a normal teenager. One time he went outside and found this blue weird glowy thing on the ground. He touched it and........ Nothing happened. He keeps thinking it grant him magical powers and one day he will rule the world. The fact is that blue glowy thing was a broken glowstick.

Move Set

Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slash James slashes infront of him for low damage. 50 0.5 sec
E Sword-A-Rang James throws his sword like a boomerang for 2 seconds. Does low damage. 50 3 secs
R Break Time James brings out some tea from his pocket and drinks it. Good healing. 100 Heal 10 Secs
F Rock Smash James throws a big rock at the enemy for high damage. 200 10 secs


~His Family

~Main 7


  • Hes purposedly unoriginal as heck.
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