JJ le ventilateur d'avion à réaction is a joke character for Devil Beater.


Has two Lightning McQueen's on above his shoulders. He wears eye popping glasses, bunny ears and a chef hat. He also wears the best shirt ever and red pants.


Born to meme. Born to dream. Born to be the best chef ever.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Jump just a little higher than space bar. 0 1 second.
E None Throw a knife, does nothing. 0 7 seconds.
R None There is a 0.66613376969% chance of having the Lightning McQueens form into a huge Lightning McQueen and ram into the enemy (no knockback). If it fails, all allies will take 1 damage. Infinite 1 second.
F None Trip all allies. :^) 0 30 seconds.


JJ le ventilateur d'avion à réaction speaks like he's mentally ill. Think I he autistic is. :thenking:


  • "Increase your meme-power." (Nothing)
  • "Lol jk does nothing. xdd"
  • "die"

At 50/50/50, his LMB makes him shoot a huge Lightning McQueen for 1000 dmg. E and F are changed to extremely high jumps.


none he's so lonely xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


JJ le ventilateur d'avion à réaction translates to "JJ the Jet Plane Fan" from French.