Iteko Hosking

Iteko Hosking is a fan made character made by the user [REDACTED]


He wears a neon blue top hat and a neon blue shirt. He has black hair and he also wears circular glasses.



Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Shoot your pistol. 100 .5 Seconds
E Throw a bunch of knives

in front of you.

50 Per Knife. 5 seconds
R Throw you hat containing a

grenade. Explodes after

5 seconds of throwing it.

300 15 seconds
F Open a bunch of portals.

Once opened, a random gun

will shoot from the portal.

Shoots wherever your

mouse is pointing.

100 (Pistol)

25 (Machine


250 (Shotgun)

30 seconds

Machine Gun

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switch to a Machine Gun. None None
LMB Shoot your Machine Gun. Hold

LMB to rapid fire.

25 .5 Seconds
E Charge to the enemy. Does a

lot of damage if the enemy is


150 10 seconds
R Become very serious, wiping

that smile off of your own face.

Bullets shoot 1.5x as fast and

does 2x the damage.

50 20 seconds
F Chuck a whole bag of grenades

at the enemy. Does insane

damage. Probably the most

unbalanced move for this


500 30 seconds


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switch to a Shotgun. None None
LMB Shoot your shotgun. Has a

chance of knocking you back.

250 2 seconds
E Shoot a huge amount of bullets,

knocking you back a far bit.

300 10 seconds
R Shoot a giant bullet. Also knocks

you back. Takes a while to charge.

400 20 seconds
F Throw a health pack at a random




10 seconds


Key Description Damage Cooldown
T (15/15/15) Cover your bullets

in Flux. Does a bit more damage

than before.

Adds 50


to all


20 seconds
X (50/50/50) Switch to an RPG.

Has the same move set as

the Shotgun.

300 None




  • Increase Damage.
  • Increase Health.
  • Decrease all cooldowns. (By .01 seconds.)


- Canonically, this is [REDACTED]'s real name

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