Invité angélique is an OC for Devil Beater.


Invité wears a halo and possesses a pair of wings, representing that of an angel. He is just a classic guest skin also wielding a large weapon of some sort.


Invité does not have a great backstory. Being a guest, his data is not backed up. :^)

However, he is part of a community called "The Guests of Gaul." A band of guests sworn to protect Gaul from evil.


Invité speaks broken English. For example, if he wanted to say he hates someone, he'd say "Me no like you!"

Invité can speak English but decides not to as he thinks it gives off comedic effect.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Invité swings his weapon in the air for a few seconds until shooting a large, yellow beam that can heal allies and damage enemies. Heal: 60

Dmg: 100

2 seconds.
E None Become immobile then shoot a large, yellow beam froward. When the beam comes in contact with something, it will explode. The explosion can slow enemies and strengthen allies for 10 seconds. Slow: -20% speed.

Strength: +20% damage.

10 seconds.
R None Spawn a large beam infront of you. The beam will emit pulses of speed increase for allies. It will pulse 5 times in total during its lifetime, meaning that allies can get up to +5 speed. When R is used again, all speed boosts are lost. +1 speed per pulse. 15 seconds.
F None A shield forms around all allies. The shield has 300 hp and lasts for 10 seconds. Great for targeted allies. Also, you don't gain a shield but you are healed fully. None 30 seconds.
X None 50/50/50 only and maybe a few people of my choice. o3o Sacrifice an ally by throwing them into the enemy. All other allies will gain a permanent +5% damage boost. Stack-able. Sacrifice!!! 30 seconds.


  • Decrease F cooldown. (-0.5 seconds per SP. 15 would be -7.5. When past 15, 16-15, upgrade becomes -0.05 per SP. 50 would be -2.5)
  • Increase LMB damage and heal. (+3 on both per SP.)
  • Increase health. (+5 per SP.)


Guest 420

Both executives in The Guests of Gaul.


Invité angélique means angelic guest. (French to English)