Hayden Magika is an OC for the ROBLOX game, Devil Beater.


Hayden is a young woman who has purple hair and dons the Stratus suit. She has a tiny top hat which is a part of a headband. Her other ectoplasmic half floats beside her with it's own top hat. There's a purple butterfly mark on her face.


ah screw this

Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Ripen Our Darkness


Hayden summons her portal, and Magika becomes visible. None Unknown.
Cardstacks to Cards


She fires a flurry of cards from the portal. 100 5 seconds
The Day Of The Swallows


She puts a portal to where the mouse cursor is, then pressing e again teleports her to it. None 18
Ophelia? Are You There?


A portal opens up under the nearest enemy, and it swallows them into purgatory for a moment, then it spews them back out. 296 27
And The Soul Shall Dance


Her portal moves under her, and begins to charge up an attack. Once it's reached it's max, press F again to release a giant laser beam of magical death. 300 34


  • The actual girl in the picture is "Hayden". "Magika" is the ghost. They are halves of each other, yet completely different people.
  • Thanks to this, Hayden refers to herself in plural because Magika doesn't like being left out of things. ( ex. "Ew. We're not going near THAT thing." and "Is our magic that strong?" )
  • Also thanks to that, every once in a while she'll switch from a loud partygoer (Hayden) and a calm and collected girl (Magika).
  • Hayden's real name is Hayden Inferiore. This makes her one of the two daughters of the Inferiore family's boss, and the elder sister of Felis Fiolett.
  • Magika's real name is Zaubra Hexenringe. Her brother is Nymx Hexenringe, who works as the Inferiore family's janitor.
  • Since she and Felis are daughters of "the boss", the staff have some sort of slight fear against her and her sister. In turn this makes it a bit harder to make friends with the staff members.