Hax0r is an OC made by UncleDuckFace.


Hax0r either wields his weapon or has his stand behind him. When his weapon is in use, his stand retreats into Hax0r: upgrading his damage. When his stand, 010110, is out, his weapon is not seen. Hax0r has the roundy head and the rest of his body is the classic 1.0. 010110 is just Hax0r but with 0.4 transparency on all body parts. Hax0r's weapon has green neon and black granite parts.


When talking, Hax0r replaces all "o"s with a zero. When he says something ironic or unfunny, he will usually say "xdddd" after his speech.


Hax0r originates from a poor, non-wealthy childhood. He had little friends in his primary school and was picked on for having a different head to the others. Hax0r became extremely sad, until his one friend found a group that could suit him well in secondary school. It was an outcast group, where people who were different could seek help and attention from other outcasts. He made many friends, while also learning his own magic. He called it "Dual" magic. This is where he could summon his stand AND hold a weapon for maximum power. This, however, was short gone as he faced an opponent who was able to cancel out very special skills forever. Hax0r was distraught. However, he discovered that his stand had the ability to upgrade one's magic. Now, he is an executive in a group known simply as "Teh Hax Group!!11111!!!1".

Teh Hax Group!!11111!!!1

Leader ~ Unknown

Executives ~ Hax0r, Explooter, Gl1tcher and Bacon.

Warriors ~ 0Der, Tentaclez and many more.

Supporters ~ Classes: Hax Supporter, Hax Fighter, Hax Medic, Hax Stando.



Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q None Switch between your weapon and stand. None 2 seconds
LMB None Swipe your weapon forward. 50 damage. 0.7 seconds
E None Smack your weapon onto the ground, causing a shock-wave. 100 damage. 4 seconds
R None Throw your weapon forward. Enemies that are hit are stunned for 3 seconds. 150 damage. 5 seconds.
F None Grab your weapon with both hands and spin it rapidly. This makes all enemies forward of it feel mediocre knockback. 150 damage. 7 seconds.
Z None This attack only works at 50/50/50 and only for the boss (and UncleDuckFace o3o). Fly up and throw your weapon at the ground. This causes a HUGE shock-wave and teleports you to where the weapon hit. 400 damage. 10 seconds.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q None Switch between your weapon and stand. None 2 seconds.
LMB None The stand, 010110, moves forward and punches rapidly. Each punch heals Hax0r for 5 hp. 50 damage per punch. 2 seconds.
E None 010110 moves forward and throws an orb forward. The orb can stun enemies for up to 6 seconds. Can be charged. 30 damage

(Not Charged)

300 damage

(Fully Charged)

3 seconds.
R None A huge jump into the air. Press R again to float. LMB becomes a ranged attack and shoots large orbs. This cancels out all other attacks. 100 damage. LMB: 1

Jump: 6

F None 010110 and Hax0r phase away and teleport behind the nearest enemy. 010110 attacks with the normal LMB. Same life-steal. This is useful if you are at low health. 50 damage per punch 4 seconds.
Z None The same instances apply to this attack as the weapon's Z. 010110 punches the ground, creating a shock-wave. Hax0r then experts a green sphere which heals allies. 400 damage. 10 seconds.


  • The Leader.
  • Explooter is Hax0r's brother.


  • Hax0r is one of many Hax Group members.
  • The Leader is Hax0r's friend.
  • The other executives' names are based off of Hax0r's.
  • One of the Supporters are another secret playable character like General Keido. o3o
  • Might buy him in when Dark is off hiatus after all his comissions are done. (shrug)

Act Synopsis

The Main Seven find themselves somewhere they shouldn't be and meet someone they've never heard of before.