Generic Shuu Fan is probably going to be the character I buy for an OC if I can.


Generic Shuu Fan looks like your generic Shuu Lumina fan. Their gender is unknown, as they are a representative of the males and females of the Shuu Lumina fan club.


Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
Q - Swap Weapons Shuu Fan will swap their weapon to either: A sign with Shuu's face on it, a long banner saying "We love Shuu!" or mirrors. None 3 seconds
LMB - Attack Shuu Fan will attack with the weapon they are holding. They will spin in a circle and attack if they use the sign, sweep in front of them if they use the banner or throw a hand mirror in their mouse direction if using mirrors. 100 (Sign)

50 (Banner)

25 (Mirror)

1 second
E - Praise Shuu Shuu Fan shouts out a praise towards Shuu in the direction they are facing. If the praise hits Shuu Lumina (including enemy Shuu/Zam Lumina), it increases the attack of that Shuu. If it hits an enemy, the enemy realises how sad they are because they have no one praising them, reducing attack damage. 25% damage increase to Shuu Lumina for 3 seconds

10% damage decrease to enemies for 3 seconds

5 seconds
R - For Shuu! Shuu Fan releases an aura, and if there are Shuu Fans and/or Shuus (including enemy Shuus) inside the radius, Shuu Fan gains a massive attack buff, increasing with the amount of Shuu Fans/Shuus in the radius. 20% damage increase PER Shuu/Shuu Fan for 10 seconds 30 seconds
F - Hail Shuu Shuu Fan drops onto their knees to hail Shuu. When doing so, any other unit (friend or enemy) within a radius will also drop down on to their knees and praise Shuu (Does not apply to Shuu, ally or enemy). This effect applies to them too. If another unit is within range, they also drop and praise, until all units in range are praising or have already praised. Shuu praise lasts for 3 seconds. After praising, you become unable to praise again for 10 seconds. 1 minute


Increase Shuu Fan's health

Increase Shuu Fan's "For Shuu!" (R) duration

Increase Shuu Fan's "Hail Shuu" (F) duration


Generic Shuu Fan is a very cheerful and motivational person. Generic Shuu Fan praises Shuu daily, and 5 times a day, no less. Generic Shuu Fan would give everything they can to meet Shuu, and Generic Shuu Fan would sacrifice themselves for Shuu to remain safe. Generic Shuu Fan loves everything about Shuu and hails Shuu. Shuu. Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu. Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu Shuu.


Shuu Lumina

Generic Shuu Fan is a part of The Official Shuu Lumina Fan Club, and as such has a relationship of praisee towards Shuu.