Fattz is an OC for devil boot.

He's also a member of the B squad, Because He's a MEEEME


He's a hacker with a really edgy troll mask, a cape, iron underwear, a long, striped tophat and no shirt whatsoever, revealing his hairy chest


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Starting RC7


Fattz sits on his chair, as a table falls down before him. There's a PC set on it. he then begins to use his hacks N/A N/A
LMB Fattz throws an apple at the enemy. 100 0.5 seconds
E Fattz eats a huge chocolate bar. 66666666


5 seconds
R fattz falls off of his chair and dies 1337 N/A
F Fattz enters RC7, as he hacks himself to turn into his 10 year version, making him edgier while also turning him to a black guy Stat buff 1 minute


Increases health.
Increases hacking skill.
increase how good his memes are


Fattz ignores whatever anyone says, since he's too busy stealing memes and hacking. He's also overweight


  • Jones Doe - fattz' hacking partner


he bought rc7 and is now a super legit hacker


  • he's a hacker
  • he's pretty fattz
  • his exploit is patched
  • 50/50/50 Fattz gets an extra move (X), which gives him the Dreamer script (strife), but whenever he does anything he just explodes
  • Fattz Used to be the Gane's Dang, but then sap was allowed to make him a B squad member.
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