Etaleo is a currently existing character in Devil Beater, who will be getting a 10Y version after Etaleo buys him in.
Name Effect Damage Cooldown
Twister O' Cards


Summons a card that will orbit Etaleo and will cause damage to an enemy that touches it in an AoE explosion. A player that touches it will be healed by half their HP. 200 dmg

Half HP healing

2 seconds, 3 card limit
Now you see me...


Etaleo cloaks himself with cards. This will make him untargetable for 3 seconds, and his speed will increase. N/A 10 seconds
House Of Cards


Etaleo builds a house of cards in 2 seconds. This will act as a shield against projectiles. Should an enemy walk into it, the house will fall down. N/A 10 seconds after house falls
Try your best.


Etaleo scoffs, standing still for 4 seconds absorbing all damage he takes. Then, the damage he took is forced onto the enemy who hit him last. Depends 20 seconds
I'll take that! (G)


Etaleo toggles a black circle around him. Any enemy who is in the circle takes 100 damage per second, and it heals Etaleo by 25 every second they are in there. However, he takes 15 damage every 4 seconds he has this active. 100 1 second after being toggled
You just activated my TRAP CARD

(T) (Exclusive Move)

Etaleo makes a circle of cards below him. If an enemy or player steps in the circle (etaleo cannot do this himself) it will release 8 balls that will home towards enemies for 5 seconds, and then explode for 200 dmg per explosion. 200 per explosion 30 seconds after explosions

Etaleo, after completing his 10Y training, has become very agile, and gained bravery to the point where he will take anything thrown at him, but will be always willing to take dares. He has now been able to control magic and illusions, oftentimes disorienting others. Etaleo will be caring to the teammates that he know are hurt, showing a different side of him instead of being a trickster.

People who get 10Y Etaleo (tourney win = 75/75/75)

If there is an asterisk next to the name, that means they recieve his T as well.

Etaleo_Callidum* (500/500/500 because i made him h e h)

ClaudiuVoicu (nadeko, but better)

darkkyraki* (i see garlic bread in your mailbo- i mean future)

ultimatesilver661* (cartoonist is cool + nice job drawing etaleo)

Filthy_Sinner (this meal isn't clean enough: 300/300/300)


SirVenon* (the grand music boi: 420/420/420)

Avaxus* ("avasuss" PITSTOP)

(gent is absent from list because he quit lol)

Falltz* (won tourney with togedemaru. gets 75/75/75)

HataNo_Kokoro* (C O N S I D E R T H E C O C O N U T)


SoBored12345 (i still want major)

Demaru* (buying him in: 421/421/421)

ChrisSinisterra* (get pranked on)


qu240103* (the heads, boy-o 350/350/350)

4keny4 (won challenge)

remix2 (henlo)

Ena_Sotelo (henlo)

if someone wins a major tourney and gibs them to me put their name here


Duiwel* (cool person)

floweryraocow (hi)

Tsuranuita (good person)


OnyxOnline (onyx.exe has stopped responding)



ARiNA_AZUMA for being a robo thot (and falsebanning qu)

evilsquishiethehero for making shitty ocs and "susie runs a casino and etaleo is one of the workers"

broly8834 (both for being annoying)

XDragonicSlayerX (for begging and shit)

Khallaria (Using overpowered chars in Brawler for the sole purpose of making my bad day worse.)