Eliza II is an OC for Devil Beater.


Eliza wears all black and purple (not including her visor). She wears a classic purple and black witch hat with a golden visor. She has a red tango face and wears purple-dominant clothing. The visor and tango face are inspired by Arina_Azuma's avatar on Roblox. Also, she is lying on a broom as seen in the picture.

Backstory (Not Canon Obviously)

Eliza was a very quiet, polite child. However, as a demon like Kearn, she grew up in a very hostile environment: people thought she was cursed or some sort of anti-god. People hated her for this as they were extremely religious.

Eliza's family was of very formal manners as she grew up in a British family during the 19th century (Yes, it's very stereotypical but I'm British so.. shrug). She still is very polite today.

Not much else is known about Eliza's backstory.


Eliza is very polite and formal. She never talks directly to someone with attitude and keeps her calm. However, she can be very.. "seducing".. just like a character known as "Bayonetta" from the Nintendo games "Bayonetta" and "Bayonetta 2". Obviously this wouldn't be shown in the game but she would leave subtle hints such as having a "~" at the end of her dialogue. For example, "Honey, don't tease me~".


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q None Activate your magic. Summons a sword from a demon circle infront of you and you grab it. The sword is purple and is shaped like a katana. None None
LMB None Slash your sword forward extremely fast. The edge of your sword leaves a small, purple trail as an accessory/cosmetic. 40 damage. 0.3 seconds.
E None Strike your sword forward as if you're fencing 2 times. Then strike for a 3rd time with much higher damage and a boost forward. Leaves a purple trail like LMB. Parry:

40 each


150 dmg

2 seconds.
R None Based on Bayonetta. Swipe to the side, enabling you to dodge attacks. When this attack is executed, cause a small explosion from your body that can stun enemies for 6 seconds. 100 damage. 4 seconds.
F None Become immobile and summon a large demon circle underneath you. Once the demon circle disappears, all allies will regenerate health much faster for the next 10 seconds. Also, permanently buff your allies' damage by 10%. Stack-able. None 45 seconds.
T None 50/50/50. Lightning strikes around you very quickly. Stunning enemies and causing major damage. (Stun lasts 4 seconds.) 300 damage. 10 seconds.


Kearn Ciro

Kearn Ciro and Eliza have met once before and have sparred. Eliza triumphantly won. Eliza and Kearn are now friends.


  • Increase Damage on LMB. (+2 per 3 SP. Meaning that 15 SP would be +10. 50 SP would be +33.)
  • Increase Health. (+5 HP per 1 SP. Meaning that 15 SP would be +75. With 50 SP being +250.)
  • Increase stun time on R. (+0.05 per 1 SP. Meaning that 15 SP would be +0.75. 50 SP being +2.50)


  • Heavily Based on Bayonetta. (Witches, Seduction..)
  • First Legit OC. Other than Omnicide who was a joke.
  • Eliza REALLY likes tea. She would literally take a bullet for tea. (Yet another stereotype.)
  • She loves the smell of dogs... I don't know why.
  • Eliza has successfully seduced at least two members of Dimensonia. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • MAGIIICCCC (∩ ̄ᨓ ̄)⊃━☆゚.*