Eggstronomy is an OC for devil beater.


Eggstronomy is seen wearing the aether suit, wears an egg that has the numbers written 42 and has an UFO template around the egg.


Moves Desc DMG CLD
extreme knowledge


Punch infront of you while an egg particle comes out from your fist. After the 2nd punch you uppercut your opponent knocking them up into the air. 50 (punch)

100 (uppercut)

1 sec
the answer to all


Sit down and read a book for 5 seconds. You can be killed during this period and cannot move. Once you are done reading you gain a permament health boost. Unlimited Stacks. +10 health boost 19 secs


Sacrifice 42 HP to give all allies some knowledge,increasing all allies DPS by 42% for 10 seconds. Buff 25 Secs
faberg egg


Fuse all of your eggs into one majestical faberg egg. You wear the faberg egg gaining an EXTREME speed boost. You can only use your LMB during this period of time,but it does 350 more DMG. This lasts for 7 seconds. Buff 35 Secs


  • He knows everything but still tries to learn more eggs dee.