EGG9000 is an OC for Devil Beater.


EGG9000 wears the EGG9000 accessory and has plain black skin.


EGG9000 talks "l1k3 th15".


Name Description Damage Cooldown
Laser O' Death (LMB) Shoot a laser from your egg for 5 seconds. Knocks enemies back slightly. 0.1 dmg per 0.001 seconds.

(500 in total)

5 seconds.
'Mini Eggz'(E) Summons a smaller EGG9000 to float near you. When summoned, it will spawn a large circle around it that will damage enemies inside it. The circle stays with the egg as it travels. Max eggs is 3. Eggs' lifetimes are unlimited. 100 per second. 6 seconds.
'Healz for all!1!'(R) A mini EGG9000 with a green colour scheme is spawned. This follows the nearest ally and will heal them for 30 health per 2 seconds. Max eggs is 3. Eggs' lifetimes are unlimited. 30 hp per 2 seconds. 6 seconds.
'Dynamokinesis'(F) Channel your energy into 5 large explosions of energy. Each healing and damaging enemies. Each explosion has a 2 second interval inbetween eachother. 200 dmg


30 hp

10 seconds. (When attack ends.)
User Exclusive

Kachow (Z)

Upgrade your speed greatly. (+10) Lasts for 5 seconds. Also upgrades damage by +40%. None 10 seconds.


  • Decrease F cooldown.
  • Increase speed.
  • Decrease LMB cooldown.

One of the possible choices of characters I'd buy in if I somehow get 15k/10k robux.