Dr. Anomaly is an OC for Devil Beater, also, he is based on Dr. Fate, from the DC Comics.


Dr. Anomaly is a grown male pale-skinned. He wears a golden helmet, a red cape, one pair of shoulder pads, a golden belt and a blue stone on his chest. (GOLDEN O3O)


First time doing that.

Attack Description Damage Cooldown



Anomaly cast 3 fast rings that follows the cursor. 150

300 (Buffed)

5 seconds
Reverse ball


After concentrating some energy from the Reverse World (he takes 5 seconds to do it), he cast a black ball towards the cursor. 550

700 (Buffed)

15 seconds
Order Revenge


He buffs himself for 10 seconds, giving him speed and 150 additional damage. None 2 minutes
Reverse Portal


Using all of his energy,Anomaly summons a portal under himself, the portal start pulling the enemy for 10 seconds. 250 (per second)

400 (per second + buffed)

5 minutes
Not a JoJo pose


Anomaly does the pose in the photo. None None


Not telling now :U.


  1. This is my first time doing something like that.
  2. I still want to do some kind of history about the Reverse World and The Order of the Magicians. And no, the Reverse World and The Order wont be related to the real Devil Beater world (just beacuse i want T3T)
  3. I know he wont be added to Devil Beater or Devil Brawler.
  4. Thanks to some boys who helped me.