Dominik Jakven is a OC for the game Devil Beater.


Dominik wears a slav outfit, wearing a pot on his head which has two antler like things popping out of it. He also covers his eyes with sunglasses, he also hold a can of beer that he uses as a weapon because he prefers vodka.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Beer throw!! Dominik Throws a beer can at the boss/player covering them in beer and making them feel major pain. 175 0.9 seconds
E Vodka Drink! Dominik takes a bottle of vodka out from his back pocket(?) and drinks it Heal 75 2.5 seconds
R Jumbo-sized beer?! Dominik realizes that German magic has taken over his can he throws it away in front of him and then shoots it exploding the can. 315 5.3 seconds
F A real Soviet Dominik removes his pot and puts on Ushanka and another pair of sunglasses over his other pair while the Russian National Anthem starts to play which follows him around.

Will stay up for 7 seconds

Buff 9.5 seconds


Dominik is a real comedian, always making jokes and making dumb hats and outfits for his friends. He also can be serious at time for when it's really needed. But he loves to sit around and drink vodka and other drinks with his friends. But, no beer is allowed!


  • Increase Dominik's Damage
  • Increase Dominik's love for vodka(Health regained from E)
  • Increase "A real Soviet"s time used.


  • No one knows why Dominik really hates beer! He just does!
  • Dominik was based off of a photo of Falltz squatting with a Russian flag in the background
  • Dominik was the first character to be made on Falltz's list of chars he wants to make.
  • Dominik's last name isn't Russian but Czech.