Basically Montre but....better. So much better.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown


Woofs. None The memes have no beginning or end.
Woof woof.


wOOF? 69


WOOOFOFOFOOOoofoFOOFOOFOofof 9023092819894233
W 0 0 F


D0 Y0U EVEN W00F, BR0????? 6911
The Final Woofing


This is the end of our known universe. This is what people consider Parousia. All parallel dimensions collide into each other and obliterate other ones as well. Everything is erased from all existence. Everything has ended. And then it all rebuilds itself in a single blink. Everything has been remade and all timelines start anew. New big bangs happen, evolution happens again,technology progresses to it's limits in a single breath, and then everything destroys itself once again. An infinite loop of creation and destruction. Too incomprehensible for our feeble minds to comprehend.


  • Don't take this seriously.
  • Woof.