Distinguished Rogue, also known as Distin G. Rogue by his team (except Canon Head) is a character made by Falltz.


Distin wears a Narukami suit, a which has a sowed on hoodie on the back which he uses to cover his head. He wears a mask Green and black mask to cover his face. He also wears pitch black gloves to hide his skin from the sun.


Name Description Damage Cooldown
I'm okay you don't need to wait for me...


Distinguished heals 25 hp per 3 seconds if he is not hit by anything in 5 seconds. 0 None
I have this. Distinguished sends out a bolt of lightning out of his hands. 200 2 seconds
Come and get stabilized. A tesla coil forms around Distinguished healing anyone who goes inside of the tesla coil Buff 3 seconds
Now look what you've done. Distinguished takes out a vile of radiation, throwing it, if it lands on distinguished it will go and buff him up making him stronger and instead of shooting out lightning he shoots out Pure Radialem out of his arms. If thrown at the enemy it would decrease their damage and speed making them start to emit Radialem from their bodies. 180 to enemy/ 70 to self(10 damage per second to self/enemy) 37 seconds