Directeur Général is an OC for Devil Beater.


Directeur Général has a black pair of artificial wings and looks like a generic guest. However, he is actually part machine.


Directeur Général is the CEO of The Guests of Gaul: one of the most powerful members.

Directeur Général he was made by another Guests of Gaul member who was unfortunately lost and never seen again. His name was "Guest of Peace". He was a professor and a manufacturer who had been working on Directeur Général for quite a while. Once he had finished, Directeur Général was running perfectly but lacked human instinct to show emotion. GoP managed to code some "human instinct" in his script but this had a minor side-effect... Directeur Général had to be destroyed due to a virus caught in his main body of code. This was resolved, however. Once the past CEO had passed away, GoP made Directeur Général the CEO due to his amazing knowledge and superior attributes.


As mentioned before, Directeur Général is extremely intelligent. His dialogue has no grammar errors and no math errors. Also, when he is amused, he will say "xd" at the end of his dialogue.



Attack Description Damage Cooldown
LMB A white cube is summoned to the left of you and is shot forward extremely fast, leaving a trail as seen in the picture. 100 0.7 seconds.
E Punch the ground infront of you. A large, white line is shot forward at high speeds. It will zigzag randomly while travelling. The trail stays in the ground for 3 seconds until disappearing. 200 8 seconds.
R Hold your arms in the air as a small cube becomes larger and larger until being thrown forward. This is charged. The highest charge will do extreme knockback and the smallest will do none. Also, while charging, you take 60% more damage so you don't always get away with your R move. 100




10 seconds.
F Each ally is surrounded by a large rotating cube. During this time, all allies have a +20% damage boost and enemies that touch the cubes will incur 300 damage and slight knockback. Lasts for 5 seconds. Buff 30 seconds.

User-Exclusive Moves

Attack Description Damage Cooldown
T Play: None 20 seconds.
Q Begin flying with your artificial wings. None Until you die. :^)
LMB After pressing Q, this attack changes. A white cube is shot at the mouse's location at high speeds. The cooldown is extremely small and the cubes explode on impact with the floor. 90




0.3 seconds.
E Stop flying and launch yourself to the ground at high speeds. Upon impact with the floor, a large explosion is caused that also has DoT which lasts for 5 seconds. 400



DoT (Per Second)

None, due to Q's cooldown being only once during your lifetime.


  • Increase all damage. (Regular only)
  • Increase speed.
  • Decrease all cooldowns slightly. (Regular only)


The Guests of Gaul

CEO of The Guests of Gaul.

Guest of Peace

Guest of Peace was Directeur Général's creator and best friend.


Directeur Général translates from French. The English meaning is "Chief Executive Officer".

Seductive Guest was going to originally the Owner/CEO but got replaced by Directeur Général. Seductive Guest is now the Co-Owner.

Act Plot


Nick's gang find themselves heading in the wrong direction and find a strange, large building. Deciding to enter, they are greeted by a weird guest who would like to spar with them.


Phase 1,

Directeur Général asks for a spar but is declined. Angered, he fights anyway.

"Gah. I don't care if you idiots don't want to spar. I'll just destroy you anyway."


  • During the fight, he spams the classic LMB move Directeur Général has.
  • Will usually jump extremely high from time to time.
  • Puts a shield around himself from time to time: buffing him and damaging The Alliance.

Phase 2,

Directeur Général loses. Out of rage, he attacks Nick's gang with the intent of killing them.

"I lost?! No.. This isn't over! Die!"


  • Spams his LMB throughout.
  • Jumps extremely high from time to time.
  • Puts a shield around himself with higher effects than in phase 1.
  • Will use his R move most of the time. However, it is already fully charged.
  • 1/10 chance that when he spawns, his T audio will play.
  • Performs E move from time to time.


Directeur Général is discouraged and tries to escape. Nick's gang let him go and he is never seen again.