Dagger EX is a OC made by XDAGSS1.


Dagger EX wears a Shaggy, a Snow leopard fedora, Xor's suit top, Xor's suit trousers and the Err... Face.


Either calm or agressive.


Increase Energy Bar and Energy recovery (+5 each upgrade)

Increase Lifesteal (+ 10 lifesteal each upgrade)

Increase Armor (+2 armor each upgrade)




Key Name Description Damage Energy Cooldown
Passive Energy A bar will appear on your screen telling you how much energy you have (150 energy base and you recover 3 energy each second) N/A N/A N/A
Passive2 Armor Spawn with armor 2 Armor N/A N/A
Q Portal Spawn a portal, reactivate the ability to teleport to the portal N/A 20 3
Lmb Swing Swing your sword for small damage 150




2 1
E X Shoot an X towards your enemy 100 damage

5 lifesteal

30 3
R Dash Do an homing dash towards the enemy for high damage 500 Damage

20 lifesteal

60 8
F Clones Spawn 4 clones that will attack the enemy for you (stay for 1 minute) 100 damage 80 70
T Energy rain Lot's of beams will fall around you dealing medium damage 250 150 100
G Energy restore Stop and recover all of your energy (Stunned for 7 seconds) N/A N/A N/A
H Light speed Travel at high speeds (35 walkspeed) (Hold) N/A 4 each second N/A



How to unlock Dagger EX:

In Xor's act touch the Isotope as Vantas and in Mack's act touch the portal with Chris Crox. Once the conversation ends the Alliance will be teleport to Dagger's EX act.

Dagger's EX act/Map

The speech before battle: 

Dagger EX: ...

Dagger EX: Greetings.

Dagger EX: I see that you have found me.

Dagger EX: You know what this means...?

Dagger EX: ...

Dagger EX: You have activated an anomaly in time and space which is the reason you're here now.

Dagger EX: Here time and space are different from what you know.

Dagger EX: Gravity here is also different.

Dagger EX: I also know why you're here...

Dagger EX: You're here to beat me.

Dagger EX: However it won't be THAT easy.

Dagger EX: ...

Dagger EX: Time to Fight!

The Battle: 

Dagger EX has between 200000 and 500000 health, He has unlimited Energy, and once the fight begins he will place down a portal at his spawn.

If he gets thrown out of the stage he will immediately teleport back to spawn and place another portal.

He use dash towards the nearest player and then swing his sword.

Each 15 seconds he will shoot an X towards the furthest player.

Each time he loses 20000 health he will use energy rain.

Once he loses 70000 health he will start to use light speed. Every 30 seconds he will use light speed for 10 seconds.

When he loses 100000 health he will summon his clones to fight. Each clone will pick a different player to fight, however only the original Dagger EX can be damaged.

The speech after battle: 

Dagger EX: ...

Dagger EX: You win.

Dagger EX: ...

Dagger EX: I should have seen this coming...

Dagger EX: I suppose I couldn't beat you after all.

Dagger EX: . . .

Dagger EX: What a shame.

Dagger EX: . . .

Dagger EX: Ill go with you.

Console: Dagger EX has been added to your roster.


This is a self insert.

Everything is FAN-MADE

50/50/50 Dagger EX would have 300 health, 12 speed, 100 armor, a total of 1350 Damage (Every single hitting once), 400 Energy and 253 Energy recovery.


Dagger EX is based out of Roxas and Young Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts series.


  • Fixed Dagger's DPS on infobox (Changed 1350 to 250)