Chi no Senshi is in the game now, holy fucking shit.

He was bought into the game by Filthy_Sinner and was created by him too, with some help from Scroobius and 4keny4 (keny made the unlock method and a few of his enemy attacks, scroob made his new katana model). He was scripted by darkkyraki. Here is the page


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Slice (LMB) Slices. That's literally it. :U 150 base damage

10% lifesteal

Parry (T) Taunts your opponent, and parries. The parry lasts for 1 second. If you are hit during this, you deflect the attack for 150% of the damage. Depends 7s
Empower (E) Creates a small pulse for low damage and permanently increases damage and HP. 75 pulse damage

+10 HP buff

+10% damage buff

Leech wave (R) Sacrifices 15% of your max HP to create a damaging AoE wave in front of you for high damage. 200 damage per wave

5% lifesteal

Hallow (F) Sacrifices 35% of your max HP to create a HUGE AoE explosion around you for insane damage, 2.5 seconds after charging up. 600 base damage

12% lifesteal per victim

Rage (Passive) Upon reaching 30% HP, your damage is increased by 20% until you return to 31% HP or higher. +25% buff Passive


Something something, quiet and edgy.

Enemy moveset

  • Creates a small pulse for low damage, very low cooldown.
  • Sends out an AoE wave in front of him, three times in rapid succession. Each wave segment deals low damage and has low knockback.
  • Slices for medium damage and knockback.
  • Creates a ring around him. 3 seconds later, a huge explosion/pillar erupts from the ring, dealing fatal damage to anybody caught in the ring "blast".
  • Throws 4 explosive shurikens in front of him for medium damage and high knockback. Short cooldown.
  • Teleports to a random nearby area. No damage is dealt.
  • Creates a larger ring around him. 5 meteors fall into the ring every second for 5 seconds for high damage.
  • Spins around viciously and spews out orbs that explode at random times for medium damage.


  1. Increases max HP and decreases the cost of your R and F. (+9.92 HP from 0 - 15, +6.83 HP from 16 - 50. -2% health cost on attacks, both cost 0% when 50'd)
  2. Increases base damage and attack size. (+1% attack size per upgrade, +3.7% damage from 0 to 15, +2% from 16 to 50)
  3. Decreases the cooldown of Empower and increases the damage buffs. (-0.2s cooldown per upgrade, +1% buff power per upgrade.) 50ing this will make the damage buff power raise to +15% per usage.

When 50'd, Senshi can use his spin and meteor rain. He can use his shurikens when 15'd. The attack stats are listed below...

Shuriken Fan - Each shuriken deals 225 damage and have a medium spread. 3s cooldown.

Bloody Roundabout - Orbs can explode at any time from 0.5s to 1.5s, but they're guarenteed to explode if they hit a player. Deals 150 damage. 9s cooldown.

If you're hit by the spin, you take 300 damage per slice. Senshi heals 7.5% of his max HP upon hitting a target with this spin.

Bleeding Sky - Meteors have a size of 2x2x2 and explosion size of 7x7x7. Meteors deal 200 damage on direct hits and 115 damage if you're caught in the explosion. 31s cooldown.


- Chi no Senshi means "Blood warrior" in Japanese. (i'm not a weeb i swear!!!!1!1!!)

- His katana gets slight changes on your 5th, 10th, 20th and 50th "Empower" stack.

Here's some cool weapon models for Chi no Senshi. Bottom is stack 0, then stack 5, etc etc.

Credit to Scroobius for making these awesome katanas for me! ouo

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