Chernobyl Madhat is an OC for Devil Beater and is part of the Nuke Squad.


Chernobyl Madhat wears the Narukami suit. Along with a jester hat, and glasses that look as if they're made of emerald. He also carries green balls and knives, which he juggles.


Much like a jester, Chernobyl Madhat is the entertainer of the Nuke Squad. Usually entertaining them when they're bored, but also a deadly team member when in combat.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Juggler Chernobyl starts out with 3 balls which he juggles. Overtime, he gets more until a maximum of 8. When he throws them, it will be gone until he gets the next ball. N/A 2 Seconds (per ball)
LMB Ball Throw Throws a ball at the enemy. 100 .5 Seconds
E Radioactive Buff / Radioactive Breath Chernobyl applies radiation to his current weapon which deals DoT.

If Knife Trick is activated, Chernobyl will spit fire in front of him instead. Deals DoT.

50 (Radiation)

50 (Radioactive Breath)

10 Seconds
R Pole of Trickery Chernobyl grabs a pole out of nowhere, and stays on top of it. During this duration, he cannot be damaged. After 1 second passed, he will jump towards the direction of your cursor, releasing a pulse of radiation from his body. Chernobyl may activate the ability again to jump instantly 50 (Radiation) 8 Seconds
F Knife Trick Chernobyl replaces his balls with radioactive knives. The knives do not require his E buff, and they deal more damage. 150 (On hit)

50 (Radiation)

20 Seconds


  • Increase health.
  • Increase base damage.
  • Decrease cooldowns drastically.
  • 50/50/50 Bonus - Instead of juggling balls, he will now juggle radioactive bombs. When the bombs come in contact with anything, they explode which deals DoT and has an AoE. Using E will only throw one powerful bomb that does more damage and DoT. Knives are also replaced with radioactive chainsaws. Pretty self-explanitory.


  • His name is based on the Chernobyl accident from Ukraine. His last name is also a reference to a jester.