Chef Excellence is an OC for Devil Beater.


Chef Excellence wears the normal attire for a chef, but also wears silver shades.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Left-Click Chef Excellence slashes his knife. Applies DoT. 50 0.5 Seconds
E Chef Excellence unleashes a flurry of slashes with his knife. After he finishes slashing, he will do an overhead slash. If it lands, it will have major lifesteal and applies DoT. 10 (per slash)

100 (overhead slash)

6 Seconds
R Chef Excellence lunges forwards with his knife. If he misses, he falls onto his face, and it takes 1.5 seconds for him to recollect his balance. If he hits, then he will spin like a wheel, slashing enemies with his knife in the process. 100 (Lunge)

50 (Slashes)

5 Seconds
F Chef Excellence uses his hand to chop an enemy. If this lands, the enemy will be in a stunlock in which more attacks will follow up. After the chop comes a another chop when Chef Excellence jumps. Then comes a leg sweep which trips the player. Then he kisses the enemy on the cheek. 100 (Chops)

50 (Leg Sweep)

1 (Kiss heals the enemy)

13 Seconds


Chef Excellence loves to talk about how his food is superior to others. He would often join cooking competitions to get the jackpot prizes. He's also a big show off, usually flashing his glasses on other people.


  • Increase duration of R's spin.
  • Increase health.
  • Increase base damage slightly.


  • His excellence in cooking is supreme.
  • He's allied with Samson Iscariot, but for unknown reasons.
  • This OC is based on an inside joke between The_Gentlemaniac and SirVenon.