Chaos Lucifer is an OC made by the DB Mafioso, AlexiosZ.


Name Description Damage Cooldown
L-Click Lucifer slashes his new scythe, called the Bloodedge (This is a reference to Ragna from the BlazBlue series.) 600 (PvE)

60 (PvP)

2.0 seconds
E Lucifer drops off a curse that is 3x bigger than his original curses, but causes him to lose 6 HP. 75 per curse (PvP and PvE) 5.0 seconds
R Lucifer calls his scythes upwards that are 3x bigger than his old ones, but he loses 66 HP from this. 75 per scythe (PvP and PvE) 10.0 seconds after full use.
F Lucifer buffs himself by 500% for 20 seconds but loses 75% of his total HP, and also increases his speed to 100 MAX. N/A 66.6 seconds (Both)
Passive Lucifer is slowly killing himself throughout his life, he also has a “Chaos” bar which can reach up to 1000. If he is at 500, all his attacks can heal him instead of hurt him, but there is only a 33% chance to happen. If he reaches 1000, he loses 600 HP on the spot, but gains HP regen until he’s max HP, if he lives. N/A N/A


Lucifer appears to have his same fedora, snake eyes, and hair, except he has a huge grin on his face this time around and his clothes are completely different. He wears a crimson trenchcoat completely, with 3 deep scars on his shirt (Due to the battle with Ares).


This is an alternative version of Lucifer when all his allies die, except for Angelo and Ares (The genocide causer of their deaths). Lucifer loses all his sanity the moment he is pushed out of the way from a deadly blow by his brother. The person who sacarficed her own life was December Shui. Ares only laughs even more at Lucifer once he is devasted, but runs out of there in fear, seperating from Angelo after his purity is lost. His scythe gets the same reaction of December's death and turns into the Bloodedge, Lucifer's new scythe.


  • This is an alternative version of Lucifer, the other being his 10 year version (as of now.)
  • Chaos Lucifer is from the era where the Alliance loses to the Cartel and the only survivors would be Lucifer and Angelo. (Unfortunately, Avaxus dies too from Ares because literally, Ares is the god of PvP at this point.)
  • Chaos Lucifer is based off of the Chaos Bosses from the ROBLOX game, Mow My Lawn.